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We have been working diligently in educating our team on how to give the best service possible.  We have formed a strong team environment that drives on passion with the aim of providing you, our guest, the best coffee bar experience in Las Vegas!

*Row 1 (left to right): Ed Dorville (General Manager), Israel Martinez (Chef), Marweezy, Juvenal Saldana (Cook), Jose Rodriguez (Chef), Jonny Hernandez (Lead), Marco Aguila (Lead), Cody Monsalve (Server), Josh Molina (Partner)
**Row 2: Erin Reik (Barista), Josie Lopez (Server), Lalo JR (Dishwasher), Eduardo “Lalo” Albarran (Chef), Bree Pullen (Barista), Raul Duarte (Dishwasher)

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Construction Woes, Main St

Its been happening everywhere else in Las Vegas so seeing the orange cones invade the Arts District shouldn’t come of much surprise.  Actually, if we really think about it, Commerce, Main Street and the entire Arts District are all overdue for a re-engineering of travel and looks.  The infrastructure was constructed 80 years ago when it was designed for railroad employees.  Presently, the Arts District is made up of residents, entertainers, art studios/galleries and small businesses.  All of which continues to show growth at a rapid pace.

Main Street alone transports 15,000 to 20,000 cars a day!  The dilapidated sidewalks, lack of bike lanes, and storm drains are all problems residents and businesses confront.  We experienced it first-hand upon opening in 2014.  Our alleyway connecting to California Ave & Commerce Street was completely deteriorated and storm drains were not functional.  Thankfully, we live in beautiful Las Vegas where rain is scarce, but existed. Even with minimal showers the alley way would flood instantly.  Thanks to our Councilman Bob Coffin, his office and the City of Las Vegas, it was repaved and sloped.

What’s next for Main Street is a complete revamping of both streets and and sidewalks to make sustainability certain.  Naturally, problems will arise from construction as normal travel patterns will be disrupted temporarily.  We will do our best to provide as much additional parking near Makers & Finders, but we will also ask kindly for your patience while the dust clears.  We will also keep you informed on the best ways to make your way around the Arts District during this time.  When the dust does clear you can expect the sun to be shining over a new and improved, vital and rejuvenated, Las Vegas Arts District.  

Source: http://www.rtcsnv.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/RTC-Multi-Modal-Project-Narrative.pdf






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